With no additional costs and zero commissions, out company offers to our customers the following services:

Audit for in force insurance contracts:

The insurance contracts have an own language, full of professional terms. We, SIRIUS BROKER DE ASIGURARE, perform their analysis, providing in a short time a study which contains information about coverage quality provided by insurance contracts, price-quality report and main exposures which arise from performed activity of client and that could affect its business. All these are accompanied by observation and recommendation, thus our client will have a clear image both upon the way its business is protected and upon the modality of improvement of coverage and of costs deduction by insurance.


Specialty consultancy

We, SIRIUS BROKER DE ASIGURARE, by our representatives analyze the risk conditions and recommend professional solutions in order that every client to be able to determine the best solution regarding the modality and degree of protection of its business, both patrimonial and liability points of view.


Intermediation of insurance contracts

For conclusion of such insurance contract, we, SIRIUS BROKER DE ASIGURARE, perform the connection between customer and insurer, but we represent only the customer’s interests, making available for it the updated information about insurers and practiced insurance conditions. Our entire experience is used so that our customers could beneficiate by optimal conditions both in the moment of underwriting of an insurance policy, and during its development, and most important, in the case of generation a poisonous event.


Management of insurance contracts

By an informational system developed especially to help the management of insurance contracts, our customers are periodically informed by situation of installments and of mature insurance policies, about coordinates which are necessary to perform payments and any other information in order to develop the insurance contracts in the best conditions.


Damage assistance

We, SIRIUS BROKER DE ASIGURARE, offer assistance in the moment of damage generation, assuring a fair instrumentation of the file of damage and inform periodically the customer regarding its development.

Thus it is brought a significant input for elimination of damage in the shortest possible time and in advantageous conditions for the customer.